Feb. 9, 2010

On February 5, 2010 the USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack, announced the end
of the USDA NAIS ( National Animal Identification System,) as it has been outlined and implemented. Citing opposition from producers, lack of support from Congress and lack of compliance he called the program a "failure."

Secretary Vilsack did explain that the USDA will be developing another
program to track animal disease, but it will be administered at the state level, focus
on interstate commerce, and will not include direct sales from local farmers.
He has sought out contributions from sustainable, organic and local food producers and
advocates, and has invited them to the "table," to take part in
developing the new system.

We each need to be proactive in our own states, express our concerns and
suggestions to our elected officials and state/federal ag agencies. There are other
issues to watch, so alert and let us know what you find out!