The National Animal Identification System states in its new regulation that it is replacing current Premises Identification Numbers (PIN) with new NAIS compliant PIN numbers. It is also requiring all sheep and goats to have an Official Animal Identification Number (AIN) which will be held in an official eartag. These tags do not work with dairy goats. They do not work on little goats, or on earless goats. These breeds are not considered to be economically important to the USDA and are not factured into their decision making. Here is the economic impact of Nigerian dwarf goat, and Miniature Dairy Goats. If NAIS is enacted as outlined, here is a sample of how the American small farm family will feel in the pocket book.
Economic Impact on Breeders/Farmers Raising Nigerian Dwarf and Miniature Dairy Goats

This is Terra Pax at 1 Day old. I have size 8 hands, to give you an idea of her size.

This is the size of the current eartag used by NAIS. It is 2" x 5/8" in size
Doesn't work. Tag would stop kid from standing to nurse. Doe would rip it out. Baby would get an infection, at least incurring expense to treat, if not having to call a vet.

Current Income from Goats
as reported to this website


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Potential Income from Goats
if Regulations were Reasonable for Small Producers

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Current Savings from Having Goats



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Current Number of Acres
Saved by Keeping Land in Farming

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Do you have Nigerian dwarf goats? Miniature dairy goats? Then please,send us your information. We promise, we will not contact you to advertise Ruminations. We only want to show the impact that our little goats have on our lives and our communities. Information will be compiled until the end of February. Then it will be available for those who want a formal print out. We will continue to take information after that and update the site.


Number of Small Business
Affected by Farm Disappearances