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Ruminations: Celebrating the Small Farm Goat is dedicated to
the Nigerian Dwarf goats and other miniature dairy goat breeds, and to celebrating
small sustainable goat farming.
We will be expanding our coverage to include more sustainable farming
topics, but keeping our focus on the Small Farm Goat.

Ruminations covers health, production and management issues; shows and
showmanship; regional happenings; governmental issues affecting our farms.
On a lighter side, Ruminations will also include recipes; art and book reviews;
and short works of goat fiction and true life stories from the farm.

Come, join in the fun, and celebrate all of our wonderfully goats.
Ruminations is published quarterly.

Contact Pat for Information.

Ruminations is built on the contributions of our readers and breeders of
Nigerian dwarfs and mini dairy goats. Please, share your photographs,
experiences, recipes, and suggestions with us all.
Advertising is what keeps us allowing to do this magazine, so please, advertise your herd, your accomplishments, or sales.




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